Portable UVC LED Light Sterilizer Disinfection Stick Lamp for Home Hotel Travel Use

This portable UV germicidal stick is small, lightweight and easy to carry. Charging with USB interface, easy to use.Suitable for many occasions, home, travel, office, etc.

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一、Using method

  1. Press and hold the switch for 3s to turn on the light; 

  2. Put the subjects under the UVC LED;

  3. Move slowly above the subjects.Keep 10-20s in the same area;

  4. Short press to turn off the light.

    led uv sterilization stick.jpg

二、Product image

led uv sterilization stick.jpg

三、Suitable for many occasions:

led uv sterilization stick.jpg

led uv sterilization stickpng

四、Safer and more efficient than traditional sterilization methods

Safer and more efficient than traditional sterilization methods.jpg


 1.Do not shine on the skin and eyes of people or animals;

 2.Don't put it where children can get it;

 3.When the battery is almost dead, please charge it in time。